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GTE was founded in 1982 as a company specialising in the design and installation of electrical infrastructure for the distribution of electrical energy.

In due course and with the accumulation of experience, it acquired the know-how necessary to engage with all the electronic and systems technologies relating to automation, building control and security. Today the integration of these systems and their interaction constitutes the “smart” element of building automation and for GTE represents a focal point of its business activity. The company’s success rests on its ability to partner Clients in finding the solution to their needs while respecting the qualitative aspects of the enterprise, in terms of agreed deadlines and budgets.

Again GTE, in line with the technological evolution of the systems in question and boasting a technical workforce that is both dynamic and highly skilled, is able offer Clients high quality assistance at all times and relative to all the processes involved, from consultation on design to the performance of maintenance functions.

The company’s mission in fact pledges the commitment of all members of staff to the operate in observance of four cardinal rules: Guarantee the Client technical excellence on competitive economic terms in every phase from consultation to design and the final installation of the building’s technical systems; offer solutions that allow Clients to maximize the return on their investment and increase its economic value. Guarantee the long-term efficiency of the solutions realized by offering a wide range of maintenance, assistance, monitoring and operating services. Institute a lasting dialogue with Clients, re-inforcing a bond of mutual trust and professional respect.

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